Andreas Janosch Silbermann

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Andreas Janosch Silbermann (* 10. October 1972 in Pinneberg) is a deaf Producer and Director.

Film producer and Director (previously Deaf actor / CV Artist)

Andreas Janosch Silbermann lost his hearing in 1975 as a result of meningitis. He attended from 1979, the Bavarian State School for the Deaf in Munich. From 1980, he studied to be an actor aiming with the pantomime. He took from 1980 to 1987 pantomime lessons with Maria Ramer, a pupil of Marcel Marceau, in the Bavarian State School for the Deaf Munich. Mary Ramer taught Andreas Silbermann in private lessons and then furthered his by outstanding talents. With her and hearing how deaf artists of pantomime theater in Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin and Hamburg Andreas Silbermann appeared in "Street Walks" and shows on public. Parallel to his mime training attended Andreas Silbermann 1981-1985 Ballet Studio Junghanns in Munich to train the body in the classical expression of ballet dance. With the facets of multiple multi-talents in film, as well as in production, Andreas Silbermann moved into the film industry as a director. My multi-talented show concretely in the body language, sign language, "read lips" and in the verbal dialogue. This means that I do not, as usual, in the "Deaf World" an interpreter need, but the communication can be connected to the "Hearing World." From 1999 to 2002 Andreas Silbermann took extras roles in various film productions. Under Gabriela Zerhau Director, he played in the 2005 film Ironically Christmas, a minor role. The short film The decision had taken over the lead role in the Andreas Silbermann in 2007, was on the 3rd November 2007 at the 2nd Deaf Film Festival Berlin award for best film. Andreas Silbermann now works as a film producer and director.



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